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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Association Between Mobile Phones Usage and Day Time Sleeping Among Undergraduate Dental College Students-A Questionnaire Survey

Author(s): Malavika Pradeep, Sangeetha S* and Kavitha S


Mobile phone usage is ubiquitous in teenagers. The rise in mobile phone usage causes a decline in the amount of sleep in teenagers. There must be a relationship between daytime sleeping and nocturnal mobile phone usage of teenagers in various countries. The aim of the present study is to study the association between mobile phones and daytime sleep among college students and to create an awareness about this topic. A questionnaire was created and circulated in an online platform and results were collected, analyzed, and graphically interpreted. The data collected were analysed with the help of statistical software SPSS. According to the results, 50.98% are aware about the negative effects of using mobile phones and 49.02% were unaware about the negative effects of using mobile phones. The chi square test was done associating the gender with the use of mobile phones and daytime sleep. There was a significant association between the gender of the participants on usage of mobile phones and sleep during daytime. Youth should be advised to reduce screen time exposure before or during bedtime hours. Excess usage of phones causes sleep deprivation and anxiety. 

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