Association of Dietary Factors with Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases | Abstract

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Association of Dietary Factors with Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): Tejas Pachpande, Anmol Taneja*, Samarth Shukla, and Sunita Vagha


Our society is becoming modernized day by day. With the increasing jobs it comes amplified risk of heart factors. Social and economic environment, the physical environment, and the person’s individual characteristics and behaviours are the determinants of health. Poor health is associated with risk of diseases. Disease comprises of communicable and non-combinable diseases and cardiovascular diseases are included under non communicable diseases. In India, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) contribute to 60% of all deaths. The four major causes of non-communicable disease deaths are: Coronary Heart Disease likes (Stroke and Hypertension) (45%) which is most common of all, chronic respiratory disease (22%), Cancers (12 %), Diabetes (3%). CVD is the largest cause of death worldwide, particularly among women. Some symptoms used for detection of heart diseases are chest pain, chest discomfort, weakness, shortness of breath, pain in abdomen, neck, jaw etc. A major part in development of cardiovascular diseases are contributed by dietary factors, like hypercholestrolemic, increased levels of both saturated and unsaturated fats, low levels of fruits, vegetables and dietary fibres in diet, large amount of proteins in diet. Along with change in dietary factors one should also take care of his/her personal health. We should monitor them on weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. So, changes in dietary habits, changes in sedentary life style like doing regular exercise, cessation of smoking, moderate consumption of alcohols etc. Can help in prevention of cardiovascular diseases and for a healthy life.

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