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Associations between Musculoskeletal Health, Pain, Degree of Stress, And Quality of Life among Small Scale Textile Workers

Author(s): Bid Dibyendunarayan Dhrubaprasad, Thangamani Ramalingam,Omar Waslallah Althomali, SD Shahanawaz*,Qurain Turki Alshammari, Korat Akshita Pareshbhai, Patel Zma Ilyas, Kakadiya Nidhi Bharatbhai, Khunt Mansi Vasantbhai, Suhagiya Priyalben Kishorbhai


Objective: This study was conducted to identify the prevalence and association between musculoskeletal health, pain, degree of stress, and health-related quality of life among small-scale textile workers. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted with a total of 200 textile workers (193 males and seven females) who completed the following questionnaires: demographic and personal data questionnaire, Cornell's musculoskeletal disorder questionnaire (CMDQ), perceived stress scale (PSS-10), health-related quality of life (HRQOL-14) Results: Among the different locations of pain, the right knee was found to be most commonly affected (57.1%), followed by the left knee (51.2%), lower back (33.0%), right lower leg (27.1%), and left lower leg (25.6%). Musculoskeletal health was moderately associated with pain level, but it was having very weak association with stress level and HRQoL. Conclusion: Musculoskeletal health is very weakly associated with stress and health-related Quality of Life. It is moderately associated with the level of pain perceived by the small-scale textile workers of Surat.

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