Attitude towards COVID-19 Vaccination in the Peruvian Population | Abstract

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Attitude towards COVID-19 Vaccination in the Peruvian Population

Author(s): Antonio Serpa Barrientos*, Pedro Leonardo Tito-Huamani, Juan Jesus Soria Qui jaite, Betty Giovanna Pena Tomas and Luis Alberto Geraldo Campos


The objective of this study was to determine the differences in attitudes towards vaccination according to sex, age group, educational level, and occupation in a Peruvian sample. This research study is empirical with an associative strategy using a comparative design. In total there were 786 participants, 337 (43%) males and 449 (53%) females, between 18 and 70 years of age. The results were described with favorable attitude towards vaccination, those who had a higher attitude were males, as well as people in the age groups called adult and elderly, who reported favorably towards vaccination, also, statistically significant differences were observed in terms of educational level, where high values were recorded for those participants who have higher education (graduates, teachers and doctors), regarding occupation it was observed that health professionals lead the most favorable approach to vaccination. In addition, the psychometric properties of the instruments used in this research were favorably evaluated. In conclusion, it was possible to know the attitude towards vaccination with a higher percentage of acceptance towards the vaccine against covid-19, as well as a higher acceptance by adult males and in people with a higher university education level and, finally, it was reported that health professionals, educators and higher education students showed a greater openness and favorable attitude towards vaccination.

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