Attitudes of Students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences toward Euthanasia | Abstract

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Attitudes of Students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences toward Euthanasia

Author(s): Fatemeh Golestan, Hasan Zabetian, Mohamad Javad Zarei, Fatemeh Honarmand Jahromy, Navid Kalani and Samaneh Abiri*


Introduction: Increased incidence of incurable diseases and technological advancement in recent years have raised new concerns for treatment team members and forced them to deal with many ethical challenges including Euthanasia. The present study aimed to determine attitudes of students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences toward Euthanasia.

Method: This was an analytic study. The participants were 188 paramedical and medical students studying in Jahrom University of Medical Sciences in 2018. The required data was collected using demographic questionnaire and the Euthanasia Attitude Scale (EAS). The collected data was analyzed using SPSS v.21.

Findings: Mean score of attitudes of students toward Euthanasia was 42.30 ± 13.68 (20

Conclusion: Most of the participants were neutral toward Euthanasia. However, a significant percent of participants were negative toward Euthanasia and only a very small percent of participants were positive toward this issue. It is recommended to investigate effective factors in students' attitude toward Euthanasia in future.

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