Awareness Among Pursuing Career Among High School Students | 59265

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Awareness Among Pursuing Career Among High School Students

Author(s): Malavika Pradeep, Dhanraj Ganapathy* and Keerthi Sasanka


Career selection is one of many important choice’s students will make in determining future plans. This decision will have a great impact over their lives throughout. “Work is one of our greatest blessings. Everyone must have an honest occupation”. Many high schools are devoting more resources to improving student awareness of education. The aim of the present study is to create awareness about pursuing a career among high school students. A questionnaire containing 10 questions was made and then circulated on an online platform. The questions are close ended type mostly. The data collection software used is survey planet. The survey was answered by 101 people. The results are converted into graphical form for easy understanding as follows. The collected data was represented in the form of pie charts. The statistical software used is SPSS software. Most respondents were aware on the various factors that affect their career choice.

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