Awareness and Knowledge of Breast Cancer among Women in Saud | 86923

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Awareness and Knowledge of Breast Cancer among Women in Saudi Arabia: A Literature Review

Author(s): Mohammad A Albanghali*


Objectives: Breast cancer (BC) is a common disease in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world. Considered in the global context, it is the primary cancer that affects women. Due to a sharp increase in the number of cases, it has become necessary to educate and create awareness of the general population regarding the BC symptoms, risk factors, and early detection methods. The main aim of this study was to conduct a literature review of the Knowledge on BC and risk factors affecting Saudi women. Design and methodology: studies were chosen for inclusion based on pre-identified inclusion criteria. A literature review was based on Knowledge, risk factors, barriers, misconceptions, and the resources used by the respondent, Knowledge of breast self-examination (BSE) methods and practices were conducted. The primary search of articles was in English, and it focused on studies published between 2010 and 2020. Findings: The study's emphasis was on the respondents' Knowledge of BC. The respondents included university, medical students and patients attending primary health care centres. The university and medical students possessed better Knowledge than other respondents. In conclusion, there is a need to educate women in Saudi Arabia about BC and its prevention. Emphasis must be given on early BC detection with training on BSE methods. Value of this review: This review highlighted sub-groups of Saudi women populations with needs to improve BC's Knowledge and awareness.

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