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Awareness and Knowledge of Patients About Dental Implants as a Choice to Replace Missing Teeth in King Abdullah Medical City, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Raneem Ageel*, Osamah Khutani, Muhmood Bagadood, Fatima Khan, Mutasem Khairo, Majid Al-Harthi


Aim: Assess the knowledge of patients about dental implants as a choice to replace missing teeth, in addition to measuring knowledge regarding contraindications and process of Dental Implants (DI). Materials and methods: Cross sectional survey on 300 adult patients presenting to the dental and maxillofacial department OPD at KAMC in 2018 Results: 77.7% of participants had knowledge of implants before, with 80.3% agreeing on the importance of replacing missing teeth. 64.7% Preferred implant as prosthesis choice. There was a lack of knowledge among study population regarding process of dental implant insertion with only 39.3% knowing of the process and around half of them not aware of contraindications. Education level had a significant effect on awareness about dental implant. Conclusion: More than three quarters of the population have some knowledge about dental implants and prosthesis through internet and media but many don’t understand the process of procedure itself or the contraindication for it, more education is required for patients by dentist to acquire better knowledge.

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