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Awareness of Nutritional Counselling in Geriatric Patients among Various Dental Practitioners

Author(s): M Sai Teja Reddy*, Marian Ananad Bennis and Subhasree R


Aim: The relationship between oral health and the nutritional status of the elderly people is controversial and complex. Poor oral health and decreased ability to chew influence the food selection and the nutritional status of the individual, hence the nutritional status assessment becomes imperative so as to offer timely dietary advice to this expanding population.The influence of prosthetic restorations on nutritional status has been previously seen, particularly concerning complete and removable partial dental prostheses.

Material and methodology: A cross-sectional survey were conducted across dental colleges of the southern part of India in May 2020. A questionnaire consisting of 49 questions was formulated. This questionnaire was circulated among the prosthodontic postgraduate students, Prosthodontists, intern’s, general practitioners and postgraduates of other departments through electronic media.

Results: The survey was analysed using Chi square test, Overall results of the survey was statistically significant (p value <0.05).

Conclusion: Within the limitations of the study, we can say that dentists are guiding the patients to improve their nutritional and overall, wellbeing as an individual. Among all the dentists, prosthodontists have shown good awareness of nutritional counselling.

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