Awareness on Natural Agents for Skin Care Among Teenagers: A | 63412

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Awareness on Natural Agents for Skin Care Among Teenagers: A Questionnaire Based Survey

Author(s): Joseph George Kallivayalil, Vishnu Priya V* and Gayathri R


Natural substances were used in topical creams, lotions and preparations within the conventional drugs. Over the 20 years, scientific and laboratory studies have identified an array of natural elements for pores and skin care. Consequently, some of these components are nowadays being developed, used or taken into consideration not only for anti-ageing effects, however also for use in dermatologic disorders. Certain components, along with colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera, had been identified as useful for the treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, respectively. This is due to their anti-inflammatory properties. For combating acne and rosacea, natural compounds present in tea and vitamins E and niacinamide are taken into consideration. Licorice, green tea, arbutin, soy, acai berry, turmeric and pomegranate are amongst the natural compounds having antioxidative, anti-carcinogenic activities. The aim of this study is to create awareness on natural skin care products among teenagers. This questionnaire-based survey consists of questions based on awareness on natural compounds used for skin care among teenagers. The questions were administered to the participants through an online survey planet link. The data was collected, and results were statistically analyzed. 50.9% respondents were aware that vitamin B 12 prevents dark pigmentation on skin and 49.1% were not aware. More research may be needed to affirm and elucidate the active substances present in natural products essential for skin care without any side effects.

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