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Awareness on Time Management Techniques among College Students

Author(s): Kandhal Yazhini P, Vishnu Priya V* and Gayathri R


Time management is the art of arranging, organizing, and scheduling one’s time for generating more effective and productive work. It is priority-based allocation and distribution among competing demands since time cannot be stored, and its availability cannot be increased beyond 24 hrs. Prioritization of tasks may make studying less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Academic stress and frustration occur when students feel the pressure of educational commitments, cramming for exams, rushing through homework, and getting minimal sleep due to disorganization of your time. The aim of this survey is to study the awareness of time management skills and perceived academic achievements among college students. Questions were prepared and administered to 110 participants through survey planet, an online survey link. 51.90% of participants possessed moderate to low level time management scores. 24.1% of the participants never wrote a set of goals for themselves for each day and 21.5% never spent time for each day planning. Whereas 48% always keep their desk beyond everything aside from what they are performing on, 40.5% sometimes review their class notes, 37.9% sometimes make a schedule of the activities that they need to try to do on workdays. To conclude, more than half of the students have shown only moderate time management skills. Majority of the respondents do not always plan their day before they begin it and not always spend time every day. Less than half of the students have a set of goals for the whole academic year. To improve academic performance, students need programs in relation to time management.

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