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Awareness Regarding Oral Hygiene Practises Among Patients Undergoing Active Orthodontic Therapy

Author(s): Shivapriya Raje Bhonsle A* and Remmiya Mary Varghese


Introduction: Periodontal health is important during orthodontic therapy, so this study looked into how patients with orthodontic treatment understand and know about teeth brushing practices, as well as factors that influence periodontal health.

Materials and Methods: A survey was conducted among 206 patients. The study was divided based on age and gender randomly. A close-ended questionnaire was prepared consisting of questions regarding their knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding oral hygiene practises to maintain periodontal health from the start of orthodontic treatment and Chi square analysis using SPSS software.

Results: Majority of study participants (30.24%) were between the age group of 30-40 years. Among all study participants, females (64.39%) were in majority than males.45.8% of the patients responded that they brushed after every meal, 25.85% brushed once a day and 28.29% of the patients brushed twice a day. The chi square analysis was found to be statistically significant with P value 0.000 (<0.05).

Conclusion: The majority of research participants receiving orthodontic care had a limited awareness and equal practice when it came to performing oral hygiene measures to maintain periodontal health.

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