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Awareness Towards Fluoride Application Therapy Among Outpatients Reporting a Private Dental College in Chennai

Author(s): Aditya Jain, L. Leelavathi


Introduction: Dental caries is an infectious disease affecting mostly children but can be presented at early stages. Fluoride is considered as an effective method in lowering dental caries via enhancing remineralisation and inhibiting demineralisation. An awareness survey was conducted with an aim to determine the awareness of outpatients towards fluoride application therapy.

Materials and Method:

A questionnaire of 10 questions was prepared and distributed among a convenience sample of 120 outpatients via an online survey platform. The data was collected and analysed. The data was analysed using SPSS and chi square test was used to analyse the association between variables.


Approximately 55% participants were between the age group of 26-50 years and 64% were males. Around 55% participants were aware about fluoride application therapy. 54% of the participants believed that dental caries can be prevented by fluoride application. Approximately 53% of the participants had a positive attitude regarding fluoride gel application therapy. Males were more aware about the various sources of fluoride. (p = 0.50) Participants in the age group of 26-50 years old were found to be more aware about the benefits of fluoride application therapy (p = 0.005).


The results of this study demonstrated that nearly half of the participants were  aware about fluoride gel application therapy, but some gaps were observed, suggesting more awareness could be spread among the patients.

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