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Author(s): Vaishnavi Kapse1, Nikhil Dhande*


Background: COVID-19 brought many negative consequences with itself and one of it is increasing biomedical waste especially plastic origin biomedical waste. These can include single use protective gears such as PPE kits, facial masks, gloves, shoe and head cover. Summary: The issue of biomedical waste was already a burning topic prior to the arrival of COVID-19 as there was lack of proper incinerator and safe disposal facilities which is an important component of biomedical waste management. After the pandemic struck, the exponential rise in demand in the protective gear was justi?ied as the nature of the novel Coronavirus causing disease was extremely contagious. But parallel system for the unsustainable disposable of the biomedical waste disposal was overlooked and hence current facilities were overburdened further increasing the problem of biomedical waste being thrown away in open spaces. Biomedical waste reduction campaign can ensure the reduction in protective gear which may harm the nature in the long run. Conclusion: COVID-19 is not going anywhere in near future as various news from across the world reporting the resurgence in cases of it. Therefore the demand of the protective gear such as hand gloves, PPE kits, facial masks, head and foot cover will remain high. Proper assessment from each hospital must be done to highlight the grave danger that biomedical waste possess to the environment and humanity as whole. Training of staff which disposes of the biomedical waste is the key factor along with reduction in use of single use plastic origin protective medial gear.

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