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Author(s): Priyanka Mittal*, Jayant Vagha, Priyanka Mittal


Breast milk is the most important part of early infant feeding. Promotion of breastfeeding is an effective way to reduce infant mortality. Breastfeeding success is not a woman’s responsibility alone–promoting breastfeeding is a collective social responsibility, where not the mother but her family, community and also at workplace are considerate and support the feeding mother by creating an enabling environment etiological factor should be identified and various preventive measures should be taken against the incidence of breastfeeding. Because there are various etiological factors that affect the breastfeeding practice. Thus, resulting in lactation failure. A prospective observational study will be conducted in which various etiological factors will be targeted to know the cause for lactation failure in lactating mothers. Information on breastfeeding needs to be provided during prenatal visit to inform the mother concerning well-tried facts of the advantages of exclusive breastfeeding like undesirable cultural practices admire pre-milk, late initiation of breastfeeding continues to be current within the community and these ought to be discouraged for a successful diet, mother’s need active support, nurturing and privacy during and after pregnancy, not only from their families and communities but also from entire health system. Breastfeeding additionally has financial advantages; it’s inexpensive than buying a formula milk and allows keep away from clinical payments later as it allows equip the toddler to combat off sickness and infection. According to the UNICEF economic advantages is related to breastfeeding. Higher breastfeeding initiation and duration costs might substantially enhance the fitness of a nation. “Breastfeeding toddlers and their moms are at decrease hazard of positive illnesses. There are consequently capability fee financial savings for the broader fitness care system”. In fact, it reduces each direct fees together with medical or medical institution charges and oblique fees together with components fees. Thus, breastfeeding is likewise connected to the environment. Breastfeeding the younger ones decreases the usage of uncooked material, electricity and different sources required withinside the manufacturing, packing, distributing, selling and putting off waste substances of components milk which in the long run reduces international pollution.

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