Cardiac Injury in Corona Virus Ailment | Abstract

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Cardiac Injury in Corona Virus Ailment

Author(s): Swarali Datir and Dalia Biswas*


Background: There are various effects of novel corona virus on cardiac system. As the name itself suggests (novel corona virus) new strain, the available data is restricted. Hence, it makes difficult to relate cardiac injury in covid positive patient. It is yet unclear whether treatment on cardiac injury should be given to covid positive patient? If yes what precautions should be taken? Aim and objective: To discuss the effects of corona virus on heart and cardiac system, as well as kinds of cardiac injury cause by I and treatment for the same. Description: Corona virus ailment is a pulmonary ailment triggered by a new variant of corona virus. In which 'CO' positions for corona, 'VI' for virus, and 'D' for ailment. 'While corona virus ailment is dispersing speedily, maximum individuals will experience only negligible or reasonable signs. Coronavirus can cause serious ailment in some individuals. Symptoms of this disease are: Major symptoms Temperature. Dry coughing. Fatigue. Minor symptoms Headaches and pains. Sore throat. Pinkeye. Headache. Dysgeusia and odour blindness. The existing Corona virus ailment epidemic has given rise to over one million diseased worldwide and thousands of expiry. The virus binds and comes in the cell through angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). Corona virus ailment cans consequences in complete inflammation, multiorgan dysfunction, and serious ailment. Now a days, a very strange thing has been noticed that, “Cardio vascular ailments are found to be the communal phenomenon in affected individual with Corona virus ailment.” And therefore we can conclude that recently used therapies given to corona virus ailment positive affected individuals may interact with cardiovascular treatment. Hence, Covid-19 may have straight or unintended consequence on CVS. Conclusion: Emergency clinicians should be attentive of these cardiovascular difficulties when estimating and handling the affected individuals with Corona virus ailment.

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