Case Report on Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Associated with Mucormycosis | Abstract

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Case Report on Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Associated with Mucormycosis

Author(s): Amruta Kothe*, Ruchira Ankar, Ranjana Sharma, Savita Pohekar, Sheetal Sakharkar and Vaishali Tembhare


Introduction: Mucormycosis is the diseases caused by fungi (mucoroles) which grows rapidly, and the appearance is black, brown fuzzy. Mucormycosis usually infect people with an impaired immune system or with damage tissues. Mucormycosis is a rare but serious infection that complicates the course of severe COVID-19.

Patient history: The male patient of 44years old who was apparently admitted in Shalinitai Meghe Hospital and Research Centre on date 04/05/21 at casualty with chief complaint of high-grade fever, cough, shortness of breath, weakness. After all investigation done like RT-PCR, D-dimer, CBC, Ferritin, and ESR and finally diagnosed as Coronavirus disease (COVID19) and shifted to intensive care unit (ICU). After 16 days of ICU stay the patient develop signs of mucormycosis like pain, redness, and chemosis in the eye prominence.

Past history: Patient had no history of diabetes or any other debilitating conditions and no relevant family history.

Pharmacology: Patient was treated with antibiotic, antipyretic, steroids, vitamin C, multivitamin, and antifungal.

Management: Inj. Remdesivir, Inj Meropenem, Inj MPS, Inj Dexamethasone, Inj Febrinil, Syp Grilinctus, Syp Zincovit, Venti BIPAP, Tab Fluconazole.

Nursing management: Monitor the vital signs i.e., blood pressure, pulse, spo2, temperature, maintain oral hygiene, Maintain oxygen level and intake and output. BIPAP site observed and ensure that the patient is comfortable. Patient assessed for GCS, Glucose level, one side weakness and signs of mucormycosis.

Conclusion: There is higher risk of fungal infection like mucormycosis due to COVID -19 infection which is associated with impaired functioning of not only cellular but also humoral activity.

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