Case Report on Guillain-Barre Syndrome | Abstract

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Case Report on Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Author(s): Deeplata Mendhe* and Ragini Joshi


Introduction: The arrival of Guillain-Barre Syndrome is sudden. It’s a type of neuropathy caused by the immune system. Nutrition is very crucial. In impoverished countries, it is disabled disease. Auto antibodies against diverse antigens can be seen in outlying site. The occurrence linking 0.4 to 1.7 million individuals per year.

Case presentation: A 5-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with chief complaints of Weakness in bilateral upper and lower limbs, trouble in swallowing, inability to hold neck, mouth frothing, fever spikes. On physical examination, the patient has experienced weakness in bilateral upper and lower limbs, bulbar weakness is present, pain experiencing in both legs, gag reflex is absent, In “Cardiovascular System, S1 and S2 sound are present, In Respiratory System, Air entry is bilaterally equal, pupils are reflected to light, tone and power of upper and lower limbs are decreased”, then treatment was started as soon as possible, he has not improved after receiving treatment, and the patient is on ventilator support, with treatment continuing until the end of my care.

Conclusion: In this study, we primarily focus on professional management and outstanding nursing care may give the holistic care that Guillain Barre Syndrome requires while also effective managing the challenging case. The comprehensive health care team collaborates to help the patient achieve his or her prior level of independence and satisfaction after a full recovery.

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