Case Report on Nursing Management of Congenital Heart Disease with Miliary Tuberculosis | Abstract

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Case Report on Nursing Management of Congenital Heart Disease with Miliary Tuberculosis

Author(s): Samiksha D Tamgadge*, Sheetal Sakharkar, Madhuri Shambharkar, Shalini H Moon, Bali Thool and Bibin Kurian


Introduction: Miliary tuberculosis is a type of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a specific chronic disease which is infectious caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Primarily, it affects the lungs which cause pulmonary tuberculosis. It can also affect the lungs, causing pulmonary tuberculosis. It also affects meninges, intestine, bones, joints, lymph glands, skin and other tissues. In children the primary infection may occur in a year. It is very harmful for the health of the children. Early diagnosis may help to cure quickly.

Clinical findings: Tachycardia, cough, high grade fever, rash.

Diagnostic evaluation: The patient’s physical and clinical examination was taken. The blood test was done to check if there is any kind of bacteria is present. Sputum examination was also done. Electroencephalogram (EEG) was done.

Therapeutic intervention: Inj. Ceftriaxone (800 mg) (BD), Inj. Vancomycin (320 mg) (BD), Inj. Pantop (20 mg) (OD), Inj. Lasix (8 mg), Syrup paracetamol (5 ml) (SOS), Tab. Metoprolol (25 mg) (BD). Oxygen therapy should be given.

Outcome: After taking the prescribed medications and treatment, the patient's condition is better than previous. Conclusion: After giving treatment to the patient. He is now better.

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