Cervical Fibroid: A Case Report | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Cervical Fibroid: A Case Report

Author(s): Vidhya R* and Pavitthra ND


Leiomyoma are most common tumors of uterus, usually presenting in the reproductive age group. However, only 1-2% fibroids are confined to cervix. Cervical leiomyoma is mostly single and are sub serous or interstitial in origin. They arise either from supravaginal or vaginal portion of cervix. We report a case of 45year old female presented with heavy menstrual bleeding and was diagnosed with cervical fibroid, underwent enucleation followed by total abdominal hysterectomy. We conclude that cervical fibroids are a challenge to the gynaecologist due to close proximity to the ureter and bladder. Careful dissection is needed in the management of such cases. With proper pre-operative evaluation and knowledge of altered anatomical structures is essential to perform myomectomy or hysterectomy for cervical fibroid.

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