Circadian Clocks Impact and Opportunities in Chronotherapeut | 63375

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Circadian Clocks Impact and Opportunities in Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery Systems: A Short Review

Author(s): Sridevi G*


Circadian rhythm is a body’s biological clock regulating body functions. It is a biological rhythm regulated by sunlight to drive the cyclic activities of the body like physiological, biochemical or behavioural processes. Chronopharmacology is an investigatory science that involves delivery of drugs based upon the circadian timing of biological events and rhythms. This biorhythm based medicine can maximize the therapeutic benefits and minimize adverse effects. Clinical disorders like stroke, cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma exacerbates its symptoms based on the biorhythm. So a timing based drug delivery is of utmost importance to treat circadian based diseases. Chronotherapeutics is a time dependent drug pharmacokinetics that is programmed, time controlled, pulsed to optimize better therapeutic effects. This review addresses circadian rhythm, molecular mechanisms controlling it, its influence on body functions, circadian exacerbation of symptoms and programmed drug delivery systems.

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