Circumferential Meningioma of the Cervical Spinal Cord with Widespread Intracranial Extension | Abstract

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Circumferential Meningioma of the Cervical Spinal Cord with Widespread Intracranial Extension

Author(s): Mersad Mehrnahad, Hossein Soleimantabar, Abdolali Ebrahimi and Bahareh Heshmat Ghahderijani


Background: Meningioma approximately accounts for 20% of intracranial mass. It is usually located in the subdural space which is represented as the most common non-glial intracranial primary mass. Extracranial extensions of meningioma are rare. The main goal of this report was to evaluate of radiologic specific features on circumferential meningioma especially invasion to the inner ear canal and cervical spinal canal.

Case presentation: An 18-year-old boy was admitted for the gradually progressive weakness of both upper limb and voiding dysfunctions for the last 2 week. Neurologic examination demonstrated a bilateral hemiparesis with 2/5 force in upper extremities and 4/5 force in lower extremities. Brain and cervical spine MRI showed irregular thickening of Dura of clivus with extension to foramen magnum, bilateral internal auditory canal, planum sphenoidal, tentorium and encircling of upper cervical spine. By pathologic result diagnosis of meningioma was confirmed.

Conclusions: This is the first reported case of a cervical spine meningioma that completely encircling the cervical spinal cord with widespread intracranial extension in Iran. Although early diagnosis and strategy of surgery have shown dramatic results for meningioma, these lesions may be associated with poor prognosis because complete resection is impossible and suitable method of treatment for this case is unknown. Destiny of treatment in cases like this is decompression of spinal cord for symptom relief.

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