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Clinical Case Study in the Incidence and Management of Right Iliac Fossa Mass

Author(s): H Abu Horairah and PK Baskaran*


Tuberculosis of the gastrointestinal tract presents a common diagnostic and therapeutic problem to a surgeon in most of the developing countries. An inflammatory mass in this region is most associated with an appendicular pathology and rarely inflammatory swelling may arise in connection with suppurating iliac lymph nodes or a psoas abscess. The management of appendicular mass seems to take turn with the availability of better antibiotics, intensive care and anesthesia. In this series ileocaecal tuberculosis formed 18% of cases taken up for study of mass in the right iliac fossa most common only to appendicular mass. To study various diseases which can presents as mass in the right iliac fossa, percentage of various diseases presenting as mass in the right iliac fossa, to analyses the efficiency of current treatment and its prognosis in our setup and follow up the studied cases for further management and to detect complications.

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