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Clinical Evaluation of Dexamethasone Pills on Side Effects of Mandibular Third Molars Surgery

Author(s): Saeed Shir Afkan, Mohamad Mofateh, Mahshid Razavi, Parisa Kazemi


Most mandibular third molars will be in need of surgical removal due to common signs of pain and infection after a period of time. There are different methods for controlling post-surgical pain and swelling including the use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids during and after main drug is called dexamethasone which is kind of corticosteroid. There are different dosages in dental treatment for reducing post-surgical complication. Dexamethasone has considerable effect on reducing pain, edema and trismus. This study aimed to show clinical effect of dexamethasone on side-effects of mandibular third molars surgery. This study was performed as a double blind randomized clinical trial method on 75 patients who were admitted in the surgical department of Shahid-Beheshti University of medical sciences. Patients were between 18 to 42 years old with an average of 28 years .To diagnose the problem tooth, a complete history along with clinical examination and radiographic image were procured. The patients were separated into 3 groups: group 1: control group (placebo), group 2: single dose & group 3: multi dose. Each groups contained 25 patients. After ordering the dexamethasone along with the placebos, we evaluated the level of effectiveness of each drugs on the patients pain, swelling and trismus after surgery with the use of the repeated measurement ANOVA test. The average level of pain present in each group (multi dose – single dose – control group) was evaluated. The results also showed that there was no significant different between the 3 group. The results also showed no significant different between the 3 groups in comparing the severity of trismus after evaluating the amount of swelling in each group , the results showed that the inflammation in the multi-dose group was reduced much sooner and faster compared to the other group. Results of this study indicated that, in compare to placebo, both regime of using dexamethasone were effective on reducing side effect of third mandibular molar surgery. However, after 48 hours, swelling in using multi dose dexamethasone was more than single-dose dexamethasone.


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