Clinical profile of patients with intestinal stoma and exteriorization of bowel anastomosis | Abstract

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Clinical profile of patients with intestinal stoma and exteriorization of bowel anastomosis

Author(s): Sameer Parikh, Prashant N Mukadam, Vinod S Kansara


Background: The age-old life saving procedures of intestinal stoma and exteriorization requires continuous scrutiny in the term of indications, success and failure to give benefit to patient.
Aim: To assess relevance and validity of this technique in present era of advanced surgical techniques.
Methodology: The study is carried out on indoor patients of a municipal general hospital of Ahmedabad. 25 patients were observed and data were collected in the prescribed proforma consisting details of patient’s history, clinical findings, pathological/radiological investigations, conservative management techniques, operative findings, post operative course &complications, and outcome.
Results: Observation and analysis of the data of present series was interesting and important aspects were compared with standard series commonest indication was severe intra-abdominal sepsis and commonest site was right iliac fossa. Morbidity was significantly high as compared to other abdominal procedures.
Conclusion: Even in the modern era, intestinal stoma and exteriorization remains an important tool of saving life of the patients from the lethal disease which they had. The success rate of the procedure to achieve its goal –that is to save life of patient, is 88%.

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