Clinical Study on Dry Eye Syndrome | 82344

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Clinical Study on Dry Eye Syndrome

Author(s): Arun Subhash Reddy P*


The dry eye syndrome is clinical syndrome that generally causes dryness of eye. Of the 70consecutivepatientsstudiedinthisgroup, the incidence was more in the 40 - 70-year age group. 31weremales and 39 were females. 30 had Sjogren's syndrome, which is the most common associated systemic disease in dry eye disease. Of the 30 patients 13 (43%) patients had Primary Sjogren's syndrome and 17 (57% patients had secondary Sjogren' s syndrome. The increased incidence of secondary Sjogren' s compared to primary Sjogren' sinour study can be explained by the fact that Rheumatoid arthritis of SLE patients is sent for Ophthalmic evaluation to our hospital and so increased incidence. Results shows a strong association of menopause with keratoconjunctivitis sicca. 15 patients had developed punctual occlusion. The objective improvement was83%testifyingfheneedandimportance of tear preservation by means of punctual occlusion.

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