Clinicopathological Analysis of Neck Masses in the Iraqi Pop | 103687

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Clinicopathological Analysis of Neck Masses in the Iraqi Population: A Ten-Year Retrospective Study

Author(s): Mohammed T Mutashar* and Bashar H Abdullah


Objective: This study aims to investigate the epidemiological characteristics of neck masses (NMs) in the Iraqi population over a ten-year period (2010-2020), including their prevalence, demographics, and clinicopathological features. Background: NMs encompass a wide range of pathologies, and precise diagnosis is crucial for optimal management. While international studies have addressed NMs, our research specifically focuses on the Iraqi population. Methods: A retrospective study was conducted in Baghdad, Iraq, from January to March 2022. Data from a decade (2010-2020) were collected from various institutions, and diagnoses were reevaluated. SPSS version 23 facilitated descriptive analysis. Results: The study included 301 NM cases, with a balanced gender distribution and a mean age of 32.2 years. NMs were categorized into congenital (25.9%), inflammatory (22.3%), and neoplastic (51.8%) groups. Benign tumors were more common (62.8%) than malignant ones (37.2%). Notable findings included the prevalence of lipomas and squamous cell carcinoma. Conclusion: This study enhances our understanding of NMs in the Iraqi population. Early detection and intervention are crucial, and while the study has provided valuable insights, nationwide surveys and prospective research are recommended for further advancement.

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