Closed Reduction of Nasal Bone Fracture-A Case Series | 91810

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Closed Reduction of Nasal Bone Fracture-A Case Series

Author(s): Nithya Balasubramanian* and Rajasekar MK


The most common type of facial bone fracture is a nasal bone fracture, which accounts for 40% to 50% of all instances. Nasal bone fractures can occur as a result of falls, physical assaults, car accidents, and blunt face injuries. They can occur on their own or in combination with other soft tissue and bone injuries to the face. Because of the protrusion of the nasal bones and its central location on the face, the nose is sensitive to harm. Nasal fractures are more common in males than in females. While nasal fractures are the most prevalent type of facial fracture, zygomatic-orbital complex fractures and skull base fractures are also possible.

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