Coincidence of Expression of Syndecan 4 with VEGF in Pulp Tissue of Mesiodens | Abstract

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Coincidence of Expression of Syndecan 4 with VEGF in Pulp Tissue of Mesiodens

Author(s): Mukhaled L Ali, Abdul Karim A Al-Mahammadawy, Noor Natik Raheem, Athraa Y. Al-Hijazi


Background: Supernumerary teeth can be found in almost any region of the dental arch Mesiodens, is the most frequent supernumerary tooth present in the region of maxillary central incisor and most of the times they are asymptomatic. Syndecan-4 is a proteoglycan receptor, act as central mediator of cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and mechanictransduction.

Aim of the study: This study explores the coincidence of the expression of Syndecan-4 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in pulp tissue of mesiodens in comparison to primary central incisors.

Materials and Methods: Twenty human mesiodens samples and ten healthy primary central incisors teeth extracted (at shedding time) for children aged (6-15 years) are examined for Immunohistochemical localization of Syndecan-4 and VEGF.

Results: Results show highly significant difference for positive pulp cells that expressed Syndecan-4 and VEGF by mesiodens in comparison to primary teeth. Present findings also illustrate positive role and coincidence of intense expression of VEGF with strong expression of Syndecan-4.

Conclusion: Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has possible involvement in Syndecan-4 expression.

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