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Comparative Evaluation of Anti-Cholesterol Potential of Apple Cider Vinegar and Its Herbal Formulation with Allium Sativum and Honey-An In-Vitro Assay

Author(s): Fathima Hinaz Z, Gayathri R, J Selvaraj, V Vishnu Priya, Kavitha S and Gayathri R*


Introduction: Apple cider vinegar, Allium sativum and honey are natural herbal compounds generally used in households and it's also a folk medicine. Allium sativum and honey are rich in various phytochemicals. High LDL cholesterol over time can damage arteries and contribute to heart diseases. Oxidative stress is one of the major etiology in the pathogenesis and complications of atherosclerosis. As per Ayurveda there exhibit a huge collection of plants with anti-cholesterol potential, but only few of them have been scientifically proven. Materials and methods: The herbs were collected from a local herbal store and then the extraction of the herbs was done. Phytochemical screening test was done followed by the evaluation of antioxidant and anti-cholesterol potential. The data were analysed statistically by a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Duncan’s multiple range test was used to see the statistical significance among the groups. The results with the p<0.05 level were considered to be statistically significant. Results: The Apple cider vinegar and its formulation exhibited a significant antioxidant potential(IC-50 at 280μg/ml) and anti-cholesterol potential (IC-50 at 305μg/ml). Conclusion: The synergistic effect and the benefits of Apple cider Vinegar and its formulation were studied The study has created an awareness on the importance of including herbal formulation in the prevention of cholesterol when consumed on a daily basis.

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