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Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of two Different Pre-emptive Analgesic agents following Dental Implant Placement-A Prospective Clinical Trial

Author(s): Guy Patrick Sandou*, Priya Lochana Gajendran, Thiyaneswaran Nesappan


Background of the study: Pre-emptive analgesia are analgesics that are given before painful stimuli occur in order to relieve postoperative pain. During the intraoperative surgical process, dental implant placement is associated with a fear of pain. Pre-emptive analgesia can help to reduce or prevent postoperative pain amplification Aim: This prospective randomized double blinded trial was planned to compare the efficacy of two pre-emptive analgesics in patients undergoing stage 1 dental implant surgery. Material and methods: A total of 60 systematically healthy patients undergoing dental implant placement were included in the study. Group 1 consisted of 30 patients who were administered preoperative and postoperative Ketorol-Dt. In group 2 30 patients was administered preoperative and postoperative zerodol-p. Visual analog scale scores were recorded postoperatively immediately following the surgery and at 3 days postoperatively. Results: When comparing the VAS scores at day 0 between the group 1 and 2 the results were not statistically significant. When comparing the VAS score on day 3 between the group 1and 2 the results were statistically significant. When comparing the vas score at day 0 and day 3 the results were highly statistically significant. Conclusion: The present study suggests that pre-emptive ketorol-dt was superior in post-operative pain reduction when compared to Zerodol-p.

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