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Comparing the Antifungal Efficacy of Three Endodontic Sealers (AH Plus, Seal apex, and MTA Fill Apex) with and without the Incorporation of Origanum vulgare Oil against Candida albicans: An In-Vitro Study

Author(s): Rohit Amburle*, Rishikesh Meshram, Nikhil Sathawane and Snehal Gaware


Aim: The aim of this study was to compare the antifungal efficacy of three endodontic sealers (AH Plus, Sealapex, and MTA Fillapex) with and without the incorporation of Origanum vulgare oil against Candida albicans. Materials and Methods: In the present study C. albicans were cultured in Potato Dextrose Agar plates. Filter papers (n=10) were placed in the cultured Petri dishes and the sealers were mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions and placed on the top of the filter papers. Sealers were divided into following groups: Group I–AH Plus, Group II–Sealapex, and Group III–MTA Fillapex. Group IO, Group IIO, and Group IIIO were the addition of 25 µg/ml of Origanum vulgare oil with respective sealers. Plates were incubated for 18 h, and the zone of inhibition was measured with a measuring scale and values (in millimetre) were recorded. Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis was done by one-way analysis of variance followed by post hoc multiple pair-wise comparisons. Results: All the tested groups showed statistically significant difference (p<0.05) from each other. Essential oil of Origanum vulgare showed superior zone of inhibition compared to sealers used alone. Group IC (16.35 ± 0.71 mm) had the highest zone of inhibition followed by Group I (13.8 ± 0.86 mm). For the remaining groups, the zone of inhibition was in the following order: Group IIO>Group II>Group IIIO>Group III. Conclusion: AH Plus sealer mixed with Origanum oil showed significantly higher antifungal property. Mixing of Origanum oil with endodontic sealer provides an added advantage so that endodontic re infections can be minimized and will be helpful in retreatment cases.

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