Comparison of Clinical Outcomes in Distal Radius Extraarticular Fractures with or without Ulnar Styloid Fracture | Abstract

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Comparison of Clinical Outcomes in Distal Radius Extraarticular Fractures with or without Ulnar Styloid Fracture

Author(s): Mir Bahram Safari*, Ali Tabrizi and Naghi Ahangar Kiasi


Introduction: Distal radius fracture is the most common fracture in adults. The studies conducted on the effect of ulnar styloid fracture along with extra-articular fracture have yielded different results. Thus, the objective of this research was to evaluate the clinical outcomes in distal radius extra-articular fractures with without ulnar styloid fracture.

Method and Materials: In a cross-sectional analytical study, all patients aged 20-60 years with distal radius extra-articular fractures were evaluated and divided into two groups based on presence or absence of simultaneous fracture of the ulnar styloid process fracture. All patients underwent one type of surgery. Six months after treatment, all wrist movements, and hand griping strength and pain score were measured and compared. Chi-square and independent t-test were used to analyze the data.

Results: In this research, 49 patients with distal radius extra-articular fractures were included in the study. The mean percent in flexion, dorsiflexion, supination, pronation, radial deviation, ulnar deviation and pinching and griping power in healthy hands with fractures in two groups of distal radius fracture along with simultaneous ulnar styloid process fracture and without this fracture did not show significant difference. Moreover, pain score in the VAS scale did not show significant difference between the two groups during the follow up period.

Conclusion: Association of ulnar styloid process fracture with distal radius fractures in adults did not have effect on motor limitation and pain experienced by patients in the 6-month follow up period after treatment, so there is no need for orthopedic surgeons to take special therapeutic measures in dealing with this problem.

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