Comparison of Intertan Nail Vs. Proximal Femoral Nail in Pro | 1514

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Comparison of Intertan Nail Vs. Proximal Femoral Nail in Proximal Femoral Fractures – A Prospective Comparative Study

Author(s): Sonu Mehta, Shoaib Shaikh, Sachin Bhonsle, Rahul Agrawal, Abhinav Bhatnagar and Sameer Rathore


Incidence of peritrochanteric fractures has increased significantly during recent decades and this tendency will probably continue in the near future due to rising age of the population. Closed methods of treatment have shown higher mortality rates & have largely been abandoned. Rigid internal fixation and early mobilization has been standard method of treatment. This study is intended to compare the results of surgical treatment, to assess and compare the functional and radiological outcomes after proximal femoral fracture fixation using PFN and Intertan nail. Our study included 40 patients having peritrochantric femur fractures, segregated into two groups (on the basis of the intramedullary device to be used to fix the fracture – Proximal femoral nail and Intertan Nail). Selected parametric values of samples were recorded for the two groups, analyzed and compared for rate of union, complications, and functional outcomes between proximal femoral fracture patients of two groups. Finally, assessment between two groups of treatment was made to identify the significance of effect of either treatment modalities. There were 13 excellent, 5 Good and 2 Fair results in Intertan group with no poor results. In PFN group there were 11 excellent, 5 Good, 3 Fair and 1 poor results. We concluded that Intertan Nail is a good implant for the treatment of peritrochanteric fractures of femur .The results are comparable to AO proximal femoral nail.


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