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Comparison of the Speed and Success of Endotracheal Intubation between BOUGIE and Flexible Video Laryngoscope on the CPR on Manikin by Emergency Residents

Author(s): Reza Yazdani, Mehrdad Vosough Rouhani and Seyed Ashkan Tabibzadeh Dezfuli*


Aim: The present study aimed to compare the speed and success of endotracheal intubation between BOUGIE and flexible video laryngoscope on the CPR on manikin by emergency residents.

Methods: All emergency medicines residents of Hormozgan medical school (18 individuals) were involved in this interventional study to compare flexible video laryngoscopes with BOUGIE. The results were recorded and evaluated by SPSS 22 software and statistical descriptive tests (average, standard deviation, frequency, chi-squared and t-test).

Results: 38.9%, 33.3% and 27.8% out of 18 emergency medicine residents were freshman, sophomore and junior respectively and the time needed for intubation by video laryngoscope was 32.69 seconds for fresh men, 19.35 ± 5.760 seconds for sophomore and 16.33 ± 7.59 seconds for junior residents on average which revealed a significant difference among different students based on their entrance year to the hospital. In addition, this time for BOUGIE method was 19.56 ± 3.619 seconds for freshman residents, 15.65 ± 3.411 seconds for sophomore residents and 12.78 ± 2.48 seconds for junior residents which shows a significant difference for residents with different entrance years (p<0.05). Furthermore, the comparison of Bougie laryngoscope, freshman with 94.3%, sophomore and junior with 100% success and 97.8% as total success while the success for freshman was 57.1%, 90% was for sophomore and 82% was for junior residents and total success was 76.7% for the advantage of video laryngoscope over Bougie in this research.

Conclusion: Both of these intubation devices are so beneficial, which help the therapist with opening reliable airways. It seems BOUGIE with high rate of success and availability can be a good auxiliary device in hard intubation cases in emergency.

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