Comparison Study of External Respiration System of 9-Year-Old Boys | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Comparison Study of External Respiration System of 9-Year-Old Boys

Author(s): Marsel M Zaineev* and Nuriya N Chershintseva


Of the goal of study is to investigate the dynamics of the parameters of the respiratory system, determined at resting state, and the reactivity of the system, assessed by the degree of changes in lung volume and ventilatory lung capacity under the influence of static load. The study involved boys aged 9 years with an average level of physical development, belonging to the first and second groups of health. The values obtained in the resting state were taken as a control of the parameters of external respiration. The change in the parameters of external respiration to the test sample was recorded in the first minute after the static load was completed. Correlation analysis of interrelations between all analyzed parameters of the respiratory system was carried out. A comparative analysis of external respiration system of the 9-year-old boys during the academic year showed that positive age dynamics of lung volume parameters and ventilatory lung capacity are observed in a resting state. Dosed isometric exercise causes unfavorable shifts in external respiration rates, a decrease in the reserve capabilities of the respiratory system. By the end of the second academic year 9-year-old boys in response to a static load get an increase in reactivity and a decrease in the effectiveness of respiratory system reactions.

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