Compression study of Irisin, Vitamin D and Kidney Function P | 92324

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Compression study of Irisin, Vitamin D and Kidney Function Parameters Between Iraqi Fracture Patients with and Without DM2 and Healthy Control

Author(s): Omar Yousif Majnun* and Altaie AF


Irisin is a novel myokine reported to have beneficial effects on glucose and lipid metabolism. V.D deficiency has been implicated in the development of diabetes and fracture complication. Methods: Eighty (80) fracture patients, 40 fracture Iraqi with DM2 as (G2), (40)fracture without DM2 as (G3) and(40) healthy control (G1) matching in sex and ages . irisin, V.D, urea and creatinine were estimated in this study Result: There were a high significant increasing level in irisin in Iraqi fracture patients with and without DM2 and a high significant decreasing in V.D and creatinine in those patients G2 and G3. In conclusion we show that irisin and V.D had a good control of blood glucose levels helps progression of fracture and fracture with DM2 to complication and monitor of urea and creatinine for known about liver health.

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