Computed Tomography Imaging in Evaluating Mediastinal Masses | 85122

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Computed Tomography Imaging in Evaluating Mediastinal Masses?A Diagnostic Approach with Histopathological Correlation

Author(s): Eldho Sajeev and P Naveen*


Computed tomography imaging techniques have contributed significantly to the detection, characterization and staging of mediastinal masses. In this study the anterior mediastinum was the most commonly involved compartment (n=17, 56.7%), followed by superior mediastinum (n=16, 53.3%). Cough was the most common clinical symptom constituting 80 % followed by dyspnea 53.3%, chest pain 23.3% and fever 16.6%. In our study, isolated compartmental involvement is common in posterior mediastinum (n=7, 23.4%) followed by superior (n=4, 13.3%) middle (n=4, 13.3%) and anterior mediastinum (n=3, 10%) and Lymph nodal masses formed majority of the cases with 30% and Lymphoma (66.7%) being most common lymph nodal mass.

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