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Continuing Professional Development: A Web Based Survey among Dentists of Latur

Author(s): Vijayalaxmi*, Varsha Sangle, Tejashree Mantri, Namratha Patil and Priyanka Lasune


Aim: To assess the preferences of professionals regarding subject, time, cost, etc. as well to assess the awareness and encouragement to attend CPD among dentists of Latur city. Materials and Methods: A Google form of self-administered questions were inquired regarding awareness, 5 questions on personal interests, 2 questions on personal preferences and on speakers reputation as well. Results: 63% females and 37% males constituted the study. Only 87% participants were aware of CPD activities. Most preferred CPD activity was hands on and courses with 53 and 52% respectively. Endodontic was preferred at 66%. Time preferences were studied with 66% participants wanting to attend at weekends with 49% preferring morning sessions. 51.1% attended CPD irrespective for wanting of CDE points. For 95.7% participants speakers reputation mattered to attend CPD. Conclusion: Most of the participants are aware of CPD courses. Endodontic was most preferred. More than half of participants preferred to attend CPD courses at weekends and in morning.

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