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Correlation between Blood Group with Cause of Death and Manner of Death in Medico Legal Autopsies in Jamnagar Region

Author(s): Rahul A. Mehta, Mahesh M. Trangadia, Nita H. Rada, B. D. Gupta


Background: Since discovery of blood groups by Landsteiner they have fascinated scientist in more than one way. Patterns of various types of blood groups in various diseases have been studied by many workers. Now we know that in some diseases there is statistically correlation between particular types of blood group.

Aims: Aim was to evaluate correlation between blood group and cause of death and manner of death. Material and Method: This study was conducted on 500 medico-legal autopsies which were brought out at Forensic medicine Department, M. P. Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Result: Out of 500 cases, blood groups for both ABO and Rh system could be detected in 457 cases (91.4%) and in 43 cases (8.6%) could not be detected. Out of 212 cases of accidental deaths majority were of blood group B+ ve, 70 cases (33.01%). Of 128 cases of suicidal death, 41 (36.71%) were O+ve. Deaths from cardiovascular system were 62 cases (72.9%) in that blood group B+ve was maximum 24 cases. In case of unnatural deaths, 99 cases (27.42%) were of burns followed by vehicular accident cases, 87cases (24.09%). Out of 99 cases of burns, majority were A+ve, 29 cases followed by O+ve, 23cases.

Conclusion: Present study shows correlation between causes of death, manner of death and blood group like death due to CVS and vehicular accident is more common in B+ blood group whereas suicidal deaths and poisoning cases were more common in O+ blood group.


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