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Correlations Among IQ, Visual Memory Assessed by ROCF Test and GPA in University Students

Author(s): Ochilbek Rakhmanov and Senol Dane*


Introduction: It is well known that cognitive ability tests predict academic performance. This study was conducted to reinvestigate the effects of IQ assessed by Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test and Immediate recall (short-term visual memory) and Delayed recall (long-term visual memory) subtests of the ROCF on GPA in university students.

Methods: A total of 125 Nigerian university students were involved in the study. Participants were 63 men and 62 women who were 16-18 years of age. The Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF) test developed by Rey and standardized by Osterrieth used to screen for visual memory. To get their full-scale IQ scores were used the Wonderlic Personnel Test Quicktest.

Results: There were a strong positive correlation between GPA and IQ and short-term and long-term visual memories in total sample as well as men and women. GPA was not correlated with IQ in medicine students. But short-term and long-term visual memories were highly correlated with GPA.

Conclusion: Because visual memory tests are culture and language free international tests, the universities can use visual memory tests firstly and IQ tests secondarily to predict their academic performance.

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