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Corrosion Resistance of Titanium-Molybdenum Alloy as Alternative Metals for Endodontic Rotary Instruments (An In Vitro Study)

Author(s): Mohammad K Sabah* and Mohammed R Hammed


Purpose: Sodium hypochlorite was considered one of the robust irrigant solutions in endodontic treatments. This study evaluates the effect of NaOCl on the beta-titanium and nickel-titanium rotary files. Materials: Two conventional NiTi files (EndoSequence, Endostep), two heat-treated NiTi files (2 Shape, Mono 2 gold), and two Beta-titanium files (TMA alloy) were immersion in NaOCl for 1hr and 24 hr. the corrosion analysis was performed via visual inspection and filed immersion scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM). Results: Both conventional and heat-treated files were susceptible to NaOCl corrosion. More attacks occurred through visual inspection and FE-SEM analysis with increasing immersion time. The beta-titanium files showed corrosion resistance even with increasing NaOCl immersion time. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, beta-titanium files exhibited more corrosion resistance to NaOCl (5.25%) for 1hr and 24hr. NiTi files show less corrosion resistance significantly when increasing the immersion time.

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