Cost Analysis of Different Brands of New in Class Anti-Anginal drugs Marketed in India | Abstract

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Cost Analysis of Different Brands of New in Class Anti-Anginal drugs Marketed in India

Author(s): Soujania Singh G*, Arul Amutha Elizabeth and Brigida S


Angina pectoris, is the foremost manifestation of Ischemic Heart Disease, bring about by transient interlude of Myocardial Ischemia that are due to disproportion in the myocardial oxygen supply-demand interconnection. The treatment aims to improve Myocardial Oxygen supply and workload reduction. Few recently introduced drugs for angina are Ranolazine and Ivabradine which is been used along with other medicines nowadays. This article aims to bring out the cost-effectiveness of varying doses of these drugs by different pharmaceutical companies. Prices of various brands of newer anti-anginal drugs of various strengths marketed by the pharmaceutical companies were collected from the current anthology of apothecary. The difference betwixt the top to bottom cost of the equivalent medication mass produced by different pharmaceutical firms and proportion variation in rate for ten tablets was computed. Maximum and Minimum cost of Ivabradine 5mg was 216.45 and 85 respectively and that of 7.5 mg was 265.03 and 108.9, respectively. Chart 2 depicts the percentage Cost variation of 5mg and 7.5mg formulations were 154.64% and 143.37% respectively. Ranolazine group the Maximum and Minimum cost of 500mg Tablet being 180 and 68 ,500mg ER tablet being 214.75 and 63, 500mg SR being 190 and 82 ,1000mg being 158 and 87, 1000mg ER being 207.35 and 120 respectively. Chart 4 illustrates, the Cost variation of each formulations were 500mg-164.7 %, 500mg ER-240.87% ,500mg SR-131.7%,1000mg-81.6%,1000mg ER-72%. The Newer anti-anginal drugs like ranolazine and ivabradine show wider cost % variation among different formulations of these drugs. So, while prescribing for the general public the clinician should not only be aware of the effectiveness but also the affordability of each individual for better long-term outcome.

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