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Author(s): Isha Trivedi*


Outbreak of COVID-19 infection involve many people and science this shows pandemic trend also associated with unfavorable pregnancy outcome affection many pregnant as well as neonates. Data were gathered by using key word pregnancy, COVID-19, perinatal complication etc. on PubMed, Scopus and science direct. The effect of SARS-CoV-2 in pregnancy still needs not set in stone and a coordinated, worldwide exertion is needed to decide the impacts on implantation, fetal development and improvement, work and neonatal wellbeing. Asymptomatic contamination presents a further test with respect to support arrangement, avoidance and the board. Other than the immediate effects of the sickness, a plenty of aberrant outcomes of the pandemic unfavorably influence psychological well-being. Counting decreased admittance to regenerative well-being administrations, expanded emotional well-being strain and expanded financial hardship. This Coronavirus has had a significant impact on global health systems and society. The discovery of Coronavirus has happened very quickly as its global spread. Both the birth giver and the fetus do not appear to be in any danger. Obstetrics and maternal fetal alterations, however, have undergone significant changes as a result of the pandemic. There are characteristics specific to Coronavirus and the period of gestation that make doctors aware in order to appropriately diagnose the condition, assess severity and separate distinct COVID-19 indications from obstetric problems, as well as make suitable therapeutic decisions. The primary goal of this review is to give information on a variety of outcomes associated with pregnancy and COVID-19 problems. We also consider briefly all essential issues that a professional in obstetrics and maternal medicine.

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