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COVID Infection in Cancer Patients

Author(s): Apurva Barshe* and Guddi Laishram


Background: With approximately 1.7 million individuals infected and over 100,000 people killed, the emerging coronavirus disease epidemic of 2019 (COVID-19) has become the world's most serious public health hazard. In these rare cases, there is no well-established advice for cancer patients.

Patients having pre-existing diseases are more likely to get affected by coronavirus. The main purpose for this review article was to investigate incidence of having cancer in COVID patient and the associated danger in the patients of COVID-19 with cancer.

 With increasing age and the presence of accompanying health problems, In COVID-19 patients, the risk of serious sickness and death increases. Extensive research has been conducted to better understand the infectivity and transmissibility mechanisms of the coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, a deadly virus having a low chance of survival. It is vital to recognise symptoms early and apply suitable therapy to lower fatality rates.

Some well-known clinicians suggested giving attention towards cancer patients diagnosed with COVID-19. For this pandemic, evidence from well-designed prospective and randomised clinical trials is being gathered to support long-term epidemiologic behaviour and clinical decision making.

Conclusions and Consequences: To increase the quality and consistency of data, a programme to stimulate active collaboration between multiple registries is required. For this and future pandemics, well-designed prospective and randomised clinical trials are required to gather high-level information to help with long-term epidemiologic, behavioural, and therapeutic decisions.

Keywords: COVID-19, Mortality, Epidemiologic behaviours

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