Covid-19 and its Changing Clinical Manifestations | 89082

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Covid-19 and its Changing Clinical Manifestations

Author(s): Gaurav Soni* and Swaroopa Chakole


Background: COVID-19 is the ongoing pandemic that is adversely affecting millions of individuals all over the planet. Many changes have been done in course of treatment of COVID-19 to rectify the flaws. Mutations can pose serious threat and constant monitoring is needed. Summary: Mutations are the inevitable phenomenon shown by the virus. Novel coronavirus has reported several strains which has been originated from the original strain which was reported from the Chinese’s province of Hubei. Mutations pose serious risks to the containment measures of the pandemic. Genome sequencing is used to identify the new strain of the virus. Treatments like HCQ, convalescent plasma therapy, Remdesivir etc. have become redundant and do more harm than good. Selective usage, if necessary, can be done to ensure less harms. Monoclonal antibody therapy is being said to be the next big thing in the treatment of COVID-19. Vaccination is currently the most useful tool available to mitigate the spread of the disease. Conclusion: More genome sequencing should be done to ensure the identification of each and every strain that is being roaming with humans all over the world. Even distribution of the vaccines can help to eliminate the virus from the human life and prevent further mutations.

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