COVID-19 and it's mental health consequences | Abstract

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COVID-19 and it's mental health consequences

Author(s): Vasudha Palekar, Shiv Joshi*


Background: COVID-19 has been found to be inflicting high degree of damage both in physical as well mental way. Former is studied in many studies but later need more attention as the pandemic is here to stay and not going anywhere for a while. The current versions of variants are deltacron and omicron which constitutes majority of the cases and found out after genome sequencing. The impact of the COVID-19 can take years to take the overall assessment but it mainly constitutes the physical impact and psychological impact on the human beings.

Summary: The psychological impact often includes the treatment phase where the infected person is quarantine and isolated form the family members and loved ones. The sense of loneliness in the long hauls especially in case of critically ill patients made them more vulnerable to fall as prey to the psychological damage. Children’s are worried due to hindrance in meeting their peer groups, adolescents are worried especially in rural areas about their studies as the education sector has been shifted to the online mode. Adults are anxious and suffering from many ailments already and COVID-19 added up only to the woes.

Conclusion: All the COVID-19 appropriate behaviour must be inculcated in daily life and inclination towards the preventive measures must be increase as much as possible. Prevention is the only feasible option available in the pandemic like COVID-19.

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