COVID-19: Comparative Study of Homeopathic Medicines (Cincho | 53398

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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COVID-19: Comparative Study of Homeopathic Medicines (Cinchona or China Officinalis and Zincum Metallicum) and Allopathic Medicine (Chloroquine and Zinc)

Author(s): Ahsan Shafi Memon*


Coronavirus disease, commonly known as COVID-19, has become a pandemic. Within a short time, the disease has spread to more than 213 countries and affected more than 2471136 peoples till April 22, 2020. Several empirical evidences suggest that Chloroquine and Zinc are very effective to prevent and cure the novel virus (COVID-19). In this study, I argued that the Homeopathic medical system is very effective to cure viruses. Particularly, I argued that “Cinchona, also known as China Officinalis” and Zincum Metallicum (homeopathic drugs) have the same properties and are very cheap as compared to allopathic drugs. Additionally, Chloroquine has several side effects, while homeopathic drugs have no side effects. Hence, it is recommended to use both homeopathic drugs in place of allopathic drugs for the better treatment of patients suffering from the deadly disease.

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