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COVID-19 in Young Adults and Vaccination

Author(s): K Himabindu Reddy*, Tushar Dahmiwal and Swaroopa Chakole


Background: COVID-19 is the evolving pandemic that is still ongoing. There is not much decrease in the extent and impact of COVID-19 even after more than a year has been passed. The younger adults and children are believed to be in danger from possible third wave of COVID-19 in many countries.

Summary: Young adults and children have shown great medical resilience in initial phase of the wave. Not much lethal outcome has been reported from podiatric age group. But as novel coronavirus is mutating and changing its working, one must be cautious about the approach. Clinical manifestation is of milder nature among podiatric age group but MIS-C is stinging the containment efforts which are believed to be caused due to COVID-19. Mental health, one of the least discussed medical topics has been highlighted by the impact of the pandemic and should be tackling with professional help. Vaccination divide can be felt and rapid vaccination needs to be done among paediatric age group.

Conclusion: There is the need of more study among young adults about clinical manifestation of COVID-19, especially among comorbid patients so that we are well prepared for any eventualities. Vaccination is the way out of the pandemic and must be equitably distributed among all the inhabitants of the world.

Keywords: Covid-19, Misc-C, Young adults, Children, Vaccination, Mental health

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