COVID-19 in Young Adults: the Indian Scenario | Abstract

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COVID-19 in Young Adults: the Indian Scenario

Author(s): Aditya Chopde, Lokesh Vaishnav, Shiv Joshi, Abhishek Joshi*, Ashok Mendhale


Coronavirus has impacted lifestyles of individuals around the world. Over the previous three weeks, India has experienced a massive surge in cases due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. As of 30th of April, India's 32 states and union territories have recorded a total of 33,610 confirmed cases and 1075 deaths. The virus developed in bats and was transferred to humans in Wuhan city of China, in December 2019 via an unnamed emissary species. Consumption or contacts with infected droplets are the modes of transmission. The virus in pulmonary secretions is detected with the help of sophisticated molecular assays, which allows for a diagnosis. Normal/less white cell counts, as well as high CRP, are common test results. Prior study has shown that the negative effects of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic may extend beyond economic problems and physical health concerns, causing severe psychological suffering in those who are quarantined. This pandemic is indistinguishably connected to the nation's economy as it is now gravely approached industrialized sectors because public all around the world is currently discreet about engaging in business in affected areas. The doctors and other health care personnel’s are doing their duties completely and so is the Government of India. For young population, and especially for susceptible youth, the SARS-CoV-2 catastrophe poses considerable risks in the field of education, employment, mental health and disposable income. It is very important on the part of citizens to maintain social distancing and follow proclamation strictly. The purpose of this review is to summarise the impact of pandemic COVID-19 on the Indian population's lifestyle choices.

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